Season 1 ends

As season 1 comes to end lots of changes are made, to the league, website, teams, and players

First of we would like to congratulate JME_Morris on his victory and winning the drivers championship

We would also like to congratulate everyone who participated in our first season.

Team manger changes
Crago82 buys Mercedes for a whopping £104,000 Pro coins
Vortex_craps buys Force india for £34,000 Pro Coins
Gamegang Wins Haas in a flash auction sale of a price of £10,000 Pro coins
SportLegend wins Toro Rosso In a Auction sale of £16,000 Pro Coins

Who will be spending more pro coins on teams in the future only time will tell..

Just released also,
Your friends play F1? bring them into the league and you could receive up to £5,000 pro coins… Terms and conditions apply.

Author: Flanksie