F1 2019 Test Season

Pro European Gaming Is laughing Its first f1 2019 season with a short test season to make sure everything works, Game side and website side. We will also be adding more features to the website whilst the test season is on going so we have everything right to start our season and F1/F2/F3 leagues off.

To Sign up to the test season, Join out discord server : https://discord.gg/VV5rFkR

Once here you will see a channel called team signups.. you simply see whats left to choose from and take your pick.

Thursday 4th July 7pm – Australia Sunday 7th July 7pm – Canada And then every Thursday and Sunday at 7pm until we finish 10 races.

Why participate? You could end up with a F1 Contract for a season in that car or one better, you will earn Pro Coins For competing and finishing races

Rules: Assists Allowed – Traction Control Medium.. ABS ON… Gearbox Auto Short Qualify 50% Race, Car Perf realistic, Corner Cutting regular, Perc Ferme Off

Any Other Details you require to know, please ask in discord.