Season 3!! Updates!

As we’re now half way through season 2, ideas are coming for season 3..
his a list a short description on whats coming and how it works.

Season 3 will have f1 and f2 championship, rules regulations and assists will be different in f1, but our current f1 settings will be our f2 settings with a small change (TBH). With this there will also be a short Champ of champions cup, At end of season racers from top 5 of each f1 and f2 will compete in a short circuit cup.

Commentators update – commentators will also be weathermen and let know league admins weather for the up coming race, so we use real world weather for each race, also since the opening of 2 leagues commentators will act as moderators and make clips of bad crash and spins and send them to admin team to be revised with there input so a penalties or punish can be sent more quicker.

Mechanics – Mechanics can be brought by clubs to help with car setups and mechanics over look team testing and practice session to make sure each driver getting most out the car and can do on the spot setup changes before the race.

Clubs – Clubs finally coming onto the website, you can open a club for 50k.. having a club means you can own multiple teams, page on website, and channel on discord. also club funds only come from team managers that put into the club, but club money can be used for all teams they own.